What I Put In My Face

Some of the things I put in my face

With me having this blog and all, I suppose i should set some kind of example to others. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret, as long as you don’t tell anyone. I’m really quite lazy with taking care of my skin. Often, I just skip the washing and moisturizing, and just spray some toner in my face. Sometimes I don’t even do that. As I usually don’t wear make up I guess it’s not all that bad, but still, not the best role model I suppose.
The other day, I was asked in a comment what my own skin care routine is. My first reaction was “what routine?!”. Even disregarding my laziness, calling what I do to my skin a “routine” isn’t right. I just have a hundred different methods of cleaning, toning and moisturizing my skin, and each morning and night it looks different.

Nonetheless, after this rant, let me still try to make my messy so-called-routine in to something that I can share with you. Here we go: what I do to my face.

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Simple facial toners

Toners are easy to make yourselfFacial toners is one of the easiest things that you can make at home. What I do is basically that I have one toner that I put on after washing my face and then an oil that I apply afterward. In the toner I have everything that is water soluble and in the oil the oil soluble stuff. In that way there is no need to use all kinds of emulsions to make the water mix with the oil in a lotion or cream. I just don’t see the point really.

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