konjac sponge bamboo charcoal for oily and acne prone skin

Konjac Sponge – Mild Exfoliant For Daily Use

I had heard a lot of good things about the konjac sponge from friends and bloggers, so when I noticed they sold them at a natural health shop in Copenhagen, I didn’t think twice. The konjac sponges are sold in several different varieties, and I chose the one with charcoal bamboo which is especially good for oily skin and for treating acne prone skin. There are … Continue reading Konjac Sponge – Mild Exfoliant For Daily Use

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Company Checkup: The Body Shop

After a short break in the Company checkup post series, it’s time to pull out the big guns. This time I will be discussing one of the biggest green cosmetic companies out there – I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the Body Shop was the start of the green cosmetic movement, that has lead to people being more aware of what they put in their faces. Founded in 1976, the Body Shop has been very successful at creating a worldwide brand profile that exlaims key words like green, earth and nature.

So, let’s take a closer look at what the Body Shop’s claims. Have they managed to stick to these promises, or are they mostly greenwashing?

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Company Checkup: L’Occitane en Provence

Along with a few others, L’occitane is probably one of the biggest cosmetic companies who describe themselves as natural, at least here in Europe. Maybe (probably?) because of this, my preconception of L’Occitane was that they are greenwashing and not nearly as natural as they claim, even though I have no idea of what their products actually contain.

Seeing as I fly quite a lot these days (yes, bad, bad me), I see L’occitane often, passing them in the Tax free section. Several times I approach the shelf, thinking I should buy something – how come I always get in the mood of buying stuff when I’m in a tax free shop, even things that I think aren’t natural? But when looking at the products (right before going “… naah ..” when I take a look at the price) I noticed that they actually do contain a lot of vegetable oils and other truly natural ingredients as their main ingredients. This is why I wanted to do my second Company Checkup about L’occitane en Provence – to see if they are better than my prejudice.

Company Checkup: Antho

The first brand in the Company Checkup post series is a brand that was completely new to me: Antho, formerly Anthology Organics. Antho was recommended to me when I asked for companies to look through, as a positive example of organic skin care brands. I chose to start with Antho because, not only do they start my alphabetic list, they were also very quick with replying to my email, which I sent out last summer.

Antho is a vegan skin care line with products containing 99-100% USDA certified organic ingredients. In a brochure I was emailed they claim that their products contain “no bad chemicals” and “no junk whatsoever”. Yup, sets the bar pretty high doesn’t it? But do they live up to their promises?

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Introducing: Company Checkup

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I HAVE A CONFESSION to make: I hardly ever buy cosmetic products anymore. Every time I go out looking for something new (and each time I think: this time I’m going to buy something and not just browse), I end up dividing the products I look at into two categories. The first category consists of products with only a few ingredients, all of which I recognize and probably already have at home, and I find it totally unnecessary to pay heaps of money for something that I could just as well make myself. The other category are products with a long ingredient list, and a lot of ingredients that I don’t recognize, and I don’t want to buy it because I don’t know what these ingredients are going to do on my skin. They might be beneficial for the skin (or at least not harmful), but since I don’t know, I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry and just go home and make something similar instead.

THERE ARE SO MANY cosmetic companies out there, all making all kinds of claims of being organic and natural. As you can see, my starting point is to be skeptical of all of them, until proven otherwise. But since I never actually end up buying and trying anything, I never am proven wrong. This is one of the reasons to why I decided to start a new post series. In this vast series of blog posts that I’ve decided to call Company Checkup, I’m going to go through a whole bunch of cosmetic companies who, in one way or another, claim to be “natural”, have a look at them and some of the ingredients they use, and try to make my own verdict of whether they are a go or a no. This includes everything from using words such as “earth” or “nature” in their brand names to being certified organic products. My aim here is to see if the brand actually lives up to their promises of being “natural”, which by no means is an assesment of the product in itself – only of their claims and of how well they live up to it. Continue reading “Introducing: Company Checkup”

Review: Annemarie Gianni Skin Care

A good while back, Lisa from the Annmarie Gianni skincare line was kind enough to send me a few samples of their products.  I’ve been unforgivably slow to react, but better late than never I suppose. Let me share my two cents about the products I received.

Annmarie Gianni is a natural, organic skin care line with beauty products, mainly with focus on the face. The sample pack that I have had the opportunity to try out contained a neroli toner, aloe vera herbal face cleanser, coconut oil, face scrub and honey coconut mask. Let’s take them one by one.

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