African black soap

6 Uses For African Black Soap

african black soap

Did you read my 7 days acne treatment, in which I praised the acne-fighting properties of African black soap? Did you go out and buy yourself one? If my last post didn’t convince you, here’s some more info about african black soap that I’m hoping will convince you.

Sidenote: African black soap is mostly produced Ghana. Even though I think the name “African black soap” is a great example of how western-centered we are I’m going to call the soap African black soap in this post, simply because that’s the name it commonly goes by (at least in the western parts of the world). Also, I have no idea how you’re supposed to spell “ghanaian”.

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Fruit Enzymes and Your Skin

This is a guest post by Niland Mortimer about fruit for your skin. 


Fruit is one of the best things you can do for your skin. But until recently, research focused on the ways fruit (and vegetables) can affect exterior beauty from within, by providing nutrients that enable the body’s cells – including skin cells – to do their jobs efficiently. In fact, early in 2011 researchers discovered that eating a regular diet of fruits and vegetables high in carotenoids (the substance that makes carrots orange and gives many other fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors) gave study participants an even more golden, sun-kissed look than they could have managed if they spent time basking in the sun outdoors. (See “Eating vegetables gives skin a more healthy glow than the sun, study shows“, Science Daily, Jan. 12, 2011)

That’s good news for fruit and vegetable lovers, but bad news if you just can’t stand to eat fruits or vegetables (or if you have finicky bowels that just can’t handle all that fiber). Is there another way to nourish the skin? Many manufacturers are touting the benefits of fruit enzymes applied topically — to the skin’s surface. Fruit enzymes, we are told, are an all-natural miracle wrinkle smoother and acne eliminator. Continue reading “Fruit Enzymes and Your Skin”

A Decadent Mistake – Very Chocolatey Face Mask

What does the slinky, post-it notes, penicillin and the potato chip have in common? They are all inventions that were made by mistake! And now there’s another great invention to be added to this bunch – my chocolate yogurt face mask. I had a little bit of yogurt left in the fridge. Not enough for a breakfast dish, but just perfect for a single face … Continue reading A Decadent Mistake – Very Chocolatey Face Mask

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Clear Up Your Facial Acne with These 4 Natural Treatments

Aloe vera and baking soda, two things that can do wonders to clear up your facial acne.

This is a post by today’s guest blogger, Jason Ellis. 

Facial acne is the worst kind of acne! Seriously, I mean – you can cover up body acne when you go out in public, but with the exception of some pretty developed makeup skills, it’s tough to constantly hide those tough, stubborn pimples on your face.

Also, if the breakouts are constant, it’s possible your facial acne is triggered by secondary conditions. For example, you might also suffer from facial sweating and blushing which only encourage those nasty zits to come back.

It’s true, in many cases, excessive facial sweating actually causes acne. That’s because sweat contains toxins, dry skin cells and sebum (oil). It coats your pores and makes the skin dirty. This buildup of debris can ultimately lead to pimples and further inflammation.

I know how it feels. The frustration is endless and you wish the pimples were gone – YESTERDAY! Just having to go out and face the world makes your avoid confrontation and any kind of attention. You’ve probably tried a few treatments here and there, only to be disappointed. Fear not, there ARE strategies that really can help!

The trick is using as gentle a remedy as possible so you won’t exacerbate the facial acne with irritation. So, let’s start with some super effective natural treatments.

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Hooray for clay!

As you probably have noticed, I have been awfully quiet lately. I’m sorry about that! I promise to do my very best to be a better blogger for you. And I do have some great things in store! A couple of new post series that I’m sure you’ll love, and before that, a post about making your own makeup!

But now, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you about my newest craze. Clay! Oh my, the things it does to your skin. Cleanses, tightens, softens strenghtens and I don’t know what. If you have trouble with oily skin or acne, clay is your bestest friend in the whole wide world.

Recently, I picked up a box of green clay from an organic shop in Helsinki. Before that, I had only used white clay that was actually meant for whitening floorboards, krhm. I mean, it’s the same thing and will certainly be good for your skin, but one might assume that when making a product meant to be walked upon they don’t really care as much about preserving all the minerals that make clay so fantastic for you. So I was quite astounded by the way my face looked after a face wash with the green clay. Continue reading “Hooray for clay!”

Luxurious Chocolate Mousse Face Mask

Sunday bath! Click me!

After a pretty rough weekend, I felt I needed a bit of pampering. And what’s better when you need pampering than chocolate? I’ll tell you what – chocolate with whipped cream!

This face mask contains both – perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, or perhaps a spa party with your friends or a hen’s night (or why not a stag night..)?

The result of this face mask is just so sinfully delicious that you’ll want to eat it all up straight away Please don’t though – I promise you this will do more good on your face than in your tummy (although it might not feel like that at the time). Cacao contains heaps of antioxiants that will keep your skin healthy and glowing. The cream will soften and moisturize your skin. I also added honey to the recipe, which is a great all-round ingredient for whatever problem you have – dry skin, large pores, tired, aged skin – you name it. Continue reading “Luxurious Chocolate Mousse Face Mask”

Italian Style Tomato Face Mask

Sunday bath! Click me!

I keep being surprised by how many of the things you can find in your kitchen cupboards can be used, and are proven to be really effective, skin and/or hair care products. My latest discovery is the tomato, that has turned out to be extremely effective against oily skin, pores and blemishes. Apart from vitamin C and A, that have both been proven effective against acne, the acidity in tomatoes will work as a natural exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and leaving you with fresh, glowing and healthy skin. Not to mention, tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, which will provide protection against harmful UV rays and also work as an anti-aging agent. All this just from normal everyday tomatoes, can you believe it? Continue reading “Italian Style Tomato Face Mask”

Roman Bath Soak + Rhassoul Yogurt Face Mask

Sunday bath! Click me!

For the past weeks when taking a bath, I’ve put heaps of olive oil in the water (about 1 dl), which feels really nice and makes my skin really soft afterward, without being too oily (which is sometimes the problem when oiling after a shower or bath).

But at Spa Index, which has a really good section of easy home spa recipes, I found a recipe that I was very excited to try out. It’s called a Roman bath soak. I know nothing that includes shampoo (like this recipe) should be called Roman anything, but I totally fell for this decadent sounding name. And when pouring this into your bath water you really will feel pampered. No slaves feeding you grapes could have done this better!

This soak will soften your skin and also foam a bit. Plus the fragrance oils will give you an aromatherapeutic experience and will definitely add to the relaxation. Continue reading “Roman Bath Soak + Rhassoul Yogurt Face Mask”