Pimp Your Products!

Let’s face it – making your own skin care products is time consuming. And as I understand that everyone don’t get a kick out of it in the same way as I do, I don’t blame anyone who feel they don’t have time or energy to make everything from scratch. So why not cheat a bit?

Check out these three easy ways to turn your store bought, cheap plain products into fancy customized products in no time.

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Get Ready For Summer! Part II – Mossies Be Off

it's oh so quiet, it's oh so still, you're all alone, and so peaceful until...

Hooray, it’s summer! And with summer comes (oh!) those summer nights. And with long summer night comes… hundreds of uninvited guests. No matter how many mosquito repellents you use, no matter how many cigarettes are lit at the same time, arms and legs always seem to be covered in mosquito bites the next day.

Here’s a few homemade recipes that you can try out if you’re have mosquito trouble. They ought to work just as well as store bought ones – and I guarantee you they smell a lot better!  Continue reading “Get Ready For Summer! Part II – Mossies Be Off”

Last Minute Homemade Beauty Christmas Gifts

Photo from fredigitalphotos.netChristmas is soon here! I haven’t even had the time to think about that, let alone buy any gifts.

If you, like me, are stressing about what to get people, let me give you a few tips. Enjoy these last-minute homemade Christmas gifts that are both cheap and easy to make. I assure you they will be a huge success whether you make them for your grandma, boyfriend, best friend or piano teacher! Continue reading “Last Minute Homemade Beauty Christmas Gifts”

Alum deodorant

MANY OF YOU HAVE probably heard of the thai stone deodorant, also called crystal deodorant, or even rock crystal deodorant. This is sold as a cost-effective all natural deodorant.
I don’t argue, but there’s one problem. This little shiny rock has absolutely nothing to do with Thailand or rock crystals whatsoever. Actually it is a mineral called alum (INCI: potassium alum or sodium alum), which more specifically is form of aluminum.
This is probably why they don’t want to call it “alum”, because it brings your thought to the skin-damaging aluminum that the natural cosmetic companies tell you not to use. Still, I really don’t see how they can be allowed to call something rock crystal, when it has absolutely nothing to do with rock crystal (a rock crystal would probably not do anything for your antiperspiration). Continue reading “Alum deodorant”

Time for your foot bath!

I know, I promised to write about foot baths already last week. I hope you haven’t missed it too much!

Foot baths is a new craze of mine. I have noticed that when caring properly for the feet, it relaxes the whole body and affects the overall well-being. If you have a head-ache, try a foot bath before painkillers!

Just pour some hot water into a big bowl and you’re off. If you like to, you can scrub your feet with some foot scrub (I’ll provide you with recipes another time), or with a mild soap and a foot brush – pumice stone works nicely. You will probably find that after having added some oil etc. (see below) to your you will not need to moisturize afterward. If you still feel the need, my favourite is plain shea butter, or a lotion with beeswax and a fatty oil.

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