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© Fredrika Biström

This blog is about how to make your own homemade, all-natural and organic beauty products. It features recipes – from beginner’s to more advanced. We also review organic skin and hair care products, and explain why many of the traditional products on the market should not be used.

My interest in home made cosmetics started in spring 2008, when I by chance got a review copy of a book on this very topic. As with so many of my other passions, I started out in a frenzy, picking all kinds of herbs and trying out everything I could find on the Internet.
Nowadays, although I don’t devote even nearly as much time to this hobby, I hardly use any products that I haven’t made myself. I have clearly noticed that after having stopped using products with a lot of unnecessary and often harmful ingredients, my skin and hair feels fresher and nicer.

Is there something within homemade cosmetics that you would like to know more about? Questions, comments, interested in a link exchange?
Don’t hesitate! Contact me: hilda[at] or using the form below.

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