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It’s Electifying! How to Avoid Static Hair

February 18, 2012

Just your average winter's day

You may like winter or you may not, but your hair sure doesn’t. I personally get huge problems with static hair especially during the dry winter months. Leading a no ‘poo lifestyle is no help:  when using the no ‘poo-method I had big problems with static hair, and using a boar bristle brush, which is one of the gentler ways of combing your hair can give you a truly hair-rising experience. Static hair can be caused by many things, for instance if your hair is too dry, or chemically or heat treated. The reason why no ‘poo causes static hair is that the pH value of your hair can get slightly off. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to calm your unruly winter’s hair.

  • Wet hair. Hm. Maybe not the best option and especially not during freezing winter days. But if your hair is wet, it will definitely not be static. You can try wetting a wooden comb and running it through your hair, which might calm that frizz a little bit.
  • Like I mentioned above, your hair can get static if the pH value is too high. Your hair should, in it’s normal state, be around have a pH-level of about 4,5-5,5. Baking soda has a pH level of about 9, which is why, when doing the no ‘poo or baking soda hair wash, it needs to be counter balanced with apple cider vinegar, which has the perfect pH level for your hair. My assumption is that I used too little apple cider vinegar when doing the no ‘poo hair wash, which caused the static hair. An apple cider vinegar rinse can be done after any hair wash if you are having troubles with static hair (or, if you just want shiny soft hair….). Mix 1 part ACV with about 9 parts water. You can even try a bit more ACV if you don’t feel like this helps.
  • Conditioning your hair can help, or making a leave-in conditioner with a little bit of conditioner that you dilute with water in a spray bottle. (PS: I just found this adorable photo tutorial on how to make your own leave-in conditioner, I kind of fell in love with her).
  • You can try to weigh down your hair with some products. This can be vegetable oil (suggestions: coconut or argan oil, though anything works), glycerin, aloe vera, a good hair wax. Just take a little bit in the palm of your hands and run it along the lengths of your hair (especially with oil and glycerin, make sure you take just a few drops). You can also combine the two tips above by mixing some oil or any of the other ingredients into your conditioner washing your hair.

These are some of the things that I find helpful to prevent frizzy hair. Plus, using these ingredients will also make your hair soft and shiny and nice. Win-win! Yay!

What do you do to prevent static hair? Or do you even share this problem with me?

Sources and help: Ehow, No poo – vi som inte använder shampoo

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