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Going nuts!

June 28, 2010

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soap nuts

And once again I have been lazy with my updating! This time I’ve been traveling back and forth between Copenhagen and Helsinki, with not much time for blogging.

Still, I have washed my hair, and that I have done with soap nuts. Some of you might already use them for washing your clothes or even your dishes, but soap nuts can also be used for washing hair or body. Soap nuts come from India, and they contain saponins, which works just as soap. Get your soap nuts from an organic shop or from the internet.

There are various ways to wash your hair with soap nuts, but I have used this version that is described here. You’re supposed to make a foam out of the soap nut liquid and add some lemon juice. Read the rest on LHC 🙂

The lemon is added to give a bit of structure to the hair, which can become too slippery from the soap nuts. You can also try adding salt instead.

Cheap, but still not dirt cheap. At least not for me, since I felt like I needed to use a lot of liquid in each wash. Maybe it depends on the quality of the nuts or something. Still the nuts can be reused for laundry or dishes up to three times. (When the nuts aren’t shiny inside any longer, it means the saponins are all gone).

Difficulty: Takes a bit of preparation, since you have to soak the nuts overnight or possibly boil them. Then shaking the bottle  every now and then and being careful when applying. Too difficult in my opinion!

Cleanness: Looks clean and nice at first but goes dirty quite quickly. 

Manageability: I tried washing my hair without the lemon once or twice but then my hair was really slippery and unmanageable. With the lemon it helped a bit but it still was a bit uncontrollable.

Overall: Washing my hair with soap nuts has been the least effective method for me. I found  the preparations too time consuming and the results not too great. And don’t get soap nut liquid in your eyes or mouth! It’s going to sting like hell if you get it in your eyes (I had a read eye for hours afterward) and the taste is foul! I also found that I needed to use a lot more liquid than mellie uses in her article.  

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