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Nice smell, naturally

February 25, 2010

While on the topic of hiding your own smell, inevitably it brings perfumes to mind.

Recently I’ve gotten really interested in perfumes nd fragrances and I have a few different ones that I use and love, for example Armani Code and Serenity by Ghost (I actually fell in love with all of Ghosts fragrances when trying them out abroad, which is quite uncommon, but unfortunately they cannot be bought in Finland). Silly enough of me, I figured that fragrances shouldn’t be that bad for you, I mean you only use them on a very small area of your skin.

Of course that is not the case – perfumes can actually be among the worst things. For one thing, the fragrance is around you – and the people close to you – all day long (less if it’s a cheap fragrance 🙂 ) and you inhale it constantly. The other thing is, that the perfume companies actually don’t have to tell you what they put in their fragrances, because they are “secret recipes”. So actually you have no way of knowing what hides behind the ingredient “Fragrance”. Read more on the topic here.

perfume, fragrance, scentperfume, fragrance, scentperfume, fragrance, scent

But just a while ago, I stumbled across this vlog about making your own perfumes and I got really excited. I’ve been wanting to try and make my own perfumes for a long while, but unfortunately we’ve always finished off the vodka bottles before I’ve gotten around to making perfumes out of them! 😉 Also I got a bit scared off when I started reading up on perfumes, and all kinds of top-notes, bottom-notes and whatever they are called. It sounded like a complete science that you would have to dig very deeply into before even being able to start. But this vlog makes it sound so very simple. I should give it a shot, I think.

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  1. February 26, 2010 10:38

    Hi Hilda, glad you enjoyed the vlog. 🙂 I think perfume making is a very complex art but starting out with a few recipes soon gets you into it and you gradually learn more about top notes etc. I’m still a novice but its just so much fun. Enjoy! Best wishes, Elizabeth


  1. First perfume-experiment « Hildablue – au naturel

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