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5 reasons to DIY

February 9, 2010

Now what is this all about, you ask. Why should I throw away all my dearest tigis and diors and cliniques and start making my own mixtures? Well, if you ask me, there are lots of reasons. Some of the main ones:

  • Natural We use on average around 10 hygienic and cosmetic products every day (varying slightly depending on sex). Many of these conventional products are stuffed with things that are completely unnecessary, and most often harmful for the skin and the body. Mineral oils (=petrol more or less), silicons, ingredients that you – even though your eyes would be good enough to see the small print – hardly could pronounce.
  • Non-toxic Even worse than the bad ingredients is, I think, all the stuff that you don’t know about. Many ingredients contain chemicals and toxins that the labels by law don’t have to tell you about. And also just because a products is labeled “natural” or is said to contain some natural ingredients, you can’t be too sure that everything it contains is good for you. I will get back to how the cosmetic companies trick us later on.
    The Enviromental Working Group has a pretty nice database where you can look up many products or just specific ingredients. It’s not perfect, but it can give a hint.
  • Ecological Natural skin care also means good for the nature. Of course, the closer the production of the raw material, the better. But in any case at least one middleman is cut out. Also you can be almost certain that there is no animal testing involved.
  • Cheap Well, this kind of depends. If you’re used to hand cream á la EuroShopper I wouldn’t promise it will be cheaper, but in a price-quality comparison, the do-it-yourself stuff is definitely going to win by a length. After having bought a basic set of stuff it really doesn’t cost much.
  • Perfect presents Who would not want an organic homemade sugar scrub in a pretty glass jar for Christmas? It’s personal, cheap and easy, and looks a lot fancier than it actually is! (Hello friends! Hope you’ve liked your gifts . . . )
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